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1 minute read / Mar 9, 2023 /

2023 Go-to-Market Survey - Understanding How Startups Have Shifted in 2023

With all the broad macro economic shifts, startups are pursuing their core markets much differently in 2023 than in 2022. To illuminate those trends, I’ve constructed a brief, 28 question go-to-market survey here..

My goal is to understand how startups have evolved their sales, marketing, customer success, and cash management from the go-go days of early 2022 to 2023. Then to publish the results & answer questions about them at an upcoming Office Hours.

With this data, we should be able to draw some broader conclusions about the shift from growth to efficiency & determine if the buyer behavior changes in the private market parallel those in the public market.

If you complete the survey, I will share with you the anonymized raw data so you can perform your own analyses. If you have questions, just message me on Twitter or send me an email.

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