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1 minute read / Nov 4, 2019 /

Office Hours with Anthony Kennada on Category Creation on Nov 14

Next week, on November 14, Redpoint will host Office Hours with Anthony Kennada to talk about category creation. In the SaaS world, many businesses talk about creating new categories. To achieve this is rare, and it’s incredibly challenging to do. Anthony was a key part of the team at Gainsight that created the category that has just published a book on the topic called Category Creation, that we will talk about.

Anthony will share his perspectives on how to create a brand, how to identify a market where category can be created, the basic game plan for applying it to your business, and how to create a movement.

Office Hours are hour long fireside chats with a speaker. We host them at our office in San Francisco and we gather questions from a small audience of about 30-40 people in a closed door format. The session is meant to be interactive and provide close access to SaaS luminaries.

Apply to attend these office hours here. Demand for these events often exceeds our hosting capacity, so we will email confirmations five days before the event. Reminder: these events are all off the record. Please register if you can attend in person.

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