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1 minute read / Jul 29, 2022 /

How Much Should You Expect Your Startup to Slow in 2022? About 21%.

AWS announced earnings earlier today and reported 33% growth. That concludes this quarter’s IaaS earnings scorecard reports & provides us a complete picture of the infrastructure buyer’s index.


AWS’s growth rate is the slowest of the three largest public infrastructure clouds. With about 39% market share, AWS reigns supreme as the largest provider. Larger businesses face more daunting challenges sustaining higher growth rates, so AWS numbers are expected.

GCP reported 37% growth & Microsoft 40%.

Cloud Q/Q Growth Rate Change
Azure -13%
GCP -31%
AWS -18%

All three businesses reported a decline in their growth rates. On average, these business units recorded a 21% decline in growth rate.

Earlier this year, founders estimated a 30% ARR drop in their businesses. Results from these clouds suggest the market isn’t as soft as the 30% estimate - at least not yet.

The 21% decline should provide founders an input into their forecasts for the remaining two quarters of 2022, especially infrastructure startups.

Anticipate at least a 21% decline in growth rate for your base plan.

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