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1 minute read / Jan 25, 2022 /

Dremio - A Foundational Component of the Modern Data Stack

In 2015, Dremio started in our offices. Today, the company announced its Series E at $2 billion valuation. The business has cemented itself as a foundational component of the Modern Data Stack.

About seven years ago, Dremio’s founder Tomer envisioned a product that would enable customers to manage data and compute separately. Today, we call this idea the data lakehouse and a query engine. Dremio enables Amazon, FactSet, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, NCR, and Nutanix, amongst others to query oceanic volumes of data at comparable speed to data warehouses.

Last year, the company introduced Dremio Cloud - a fully managed, data lakehouse.

These advances are the results of years of dedicated work to solve difficult technical challenges. Out of that effort, and in collaboration with others in the ecosystem, Dremio has furthered Apache Arrow (the standard in columnar file formats), Apache Arrow Flight (rapid data transfer), and Nessie (a Git-like experience for data). Arrow alone is downloaded millions of times per month.

The result of all this effort is a community of people passionate about data who congregate at Subsurface, our biannual conference, which draws thousands of attendees and hundreds of talks.

Congratulations to the Dremio team on achieving another milestone.

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