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2 minute read / Oct 14, 2018 /

SaaS Freemium/Free Trial Survey is Here

Earlier this year, I wrote about MadKudu’s analysis of free trials and asked if readers were interested in another benchmarking survey on the topic, and the response was overwhelming. Over the last few weeks, my colleague Patrick Chase, and I (along with help from many people in the community) have been busy putting the survey together. I’d like to thank Ryan Janssen for lending a hand.

If you’d like to participate, please fill out the survey here. Surveys are due November 2. It takes about 6 minutes complete. All the data collected is anonymized. Those participating will receive access to the raw, anonymized data. In a few more weeks, we’ll publish our findings on this blog.

We hope to illuminate trends in freemium/free-trial such as: the optimal length of a free trial; the increase in conversion rate of a trial lead touched by sales; the use of free trial across customer segments and ACVs; and the structure of a free trial (is it time bound, feature bound, usage bound etc?)

In our portfolio, we’ve seen the use of free trial and online customer acquisition be a powerful tool for SaaS and infrastructure software companies alike. In addition, the use of these marketing tactics spans the contract value gamut. I’m curious to learn how broad these trends are. Please spread the word so we can get a representative data set. We look forward to sharing the research with the community.

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