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2 minute read / Nov 16, 2020 /

More Activity Means More Business. Don't Overthink It.

“More activity means more business. Don’t overthink it, just act…The target is dozens of net new interactions per week, building many shallow relationships. They aren’t fake, just shallow.”

I have found this to be true. I like to think about it like Brownian motion: jiggle more atoms by talking to more people and there’ll be more activity all around you. Since sales is a funnel, the greater the activity at the top, the more sales.

That’s how Founding Sales starts out. I read this book over the weekend really enjoyed it because of its matter-of-factness.

The book’s ideas continue. I’m paraphrasing here.

Modern sales is about seeking inefficiencies in the world, finding qualified prospects who have a business pain, but don’t know about the solution or need help to find it.

It took me years to understand this idea. Not everyone has the time or dedication to constantly understand the best software in each part of their business. Salespeople are there to enlighten and distill. As my colleague Travis calls it, it’s a noble profession, meant to help someone solve their problem by sharing a perspective, an idea, a solution.

There’s a section on structuring your presentation deck and the minimum viable elements to present. And how to create outbound lists, templates for those emails, tips on managing the inevitable rejection, and finally how to train and manage others.

If you’re just starting out in sales, or are looking for a refresher on the day-to-day of selling, Founding Sales is excellent. The book has a straightforward perspective on how to sell well and in a modern way.

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