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2 minute read / Jun 23, 2023 /

MotherDuck - DuckDB in the Cloud

MotherDuck announced their product, managed DuckDB in the cloud, is available by invitation.

I have a raft of extra early invitations that I’ll distribute randomly on Monday. If you’d like to put your email in for a chance to receive one, just fill out this form.

DuckDB is one of the most powerful, lightweight, & fastest adopted analytical databases. MotherDuck extends DuckDB to the cloud. The video above with a french-accented Duck walks through the product with elan.

I’ve been a beta tester for a few weeks.

I recently downloaded a 2GB csv file containing information from nearly every company on LinkedIn. I started analyzing it on my MacBook. Then I wanted to share a lead list internally at Theory, so I connected this database to the MotherDuck cloud, created a link, & voila.

Now when I analyze this data set, MotherDuck determines which analyses to run in the cloud & which to run on my MacBook. Some of my data is in the MotherDuck cloud, some data sits on my computer. But I can query across them as if they were all in the same place, a feature called hybrid execution.

This improves performance while reducing cost.

But the biggest benefit for a user is the experience. Users can start locally on their computers & extend to the cloud without having to change formats or ingest or remember where their data is.

If you’re as excited about MotherDuck & DuckDB as I am, join the flock & register for the launch party on June 29th in San Francisco.

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