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1 minute read / Sep 25, 2023 /

Avoiding the PLG Trap : Office Hours with Oliver Jay

image On October 5th at 9:30am Pacific time, Office Hours will host Oliver Jay, former CRO at Asana & executive at Dropbox. Having worked at two of the most successful bottoms-up SaaS companies, Oliver understands the product-led growth motion better than most.

Recently, he’s written about the PLG trap. “Although the PLG approach yields rapid initial adoption and growth, scaling a PLG company is a different story.”

The main reason is the tension PLG creates for SaaS companies between the early adopters who have fueled the company’s rapid & efficient growth & the demands of the larger customers. Having seen this twice, Oliver has a clear point of view on how to successfully build a company with multiple sales motions.

During this Office Hours, Oliver & I will talk about :

If you’re interested to attend, please register here. As always, submit questions through the registration form & I’ll weave them into the conversation.

I look forward to welcoming Oliver to Office Hours!

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