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2 minute read / Jun 21, 2018 /

What I'm Grateful For

Earlier this week, Redpoint announced its 7th stage fund of $400M. Over the past 10 years that I’ve been Redpoint, I have seen our firm learn, evolve and grow in many different ways - important ways - that fill me with gratitude and pride.

First, we have and will continue to plant trees we will not see. Our founders who started the firm about 20 years ago built the firm to endure for decades. They taught us the business and invested consistently in the future of firm. We plant trees outside the firm by contributing knowledge and connections through events, publishing and networking.

Second, we’ve reinforced key values that have always been, and will always be core, to our culture. We have five: founders first, think independently together (brutal intellectual honesty); open source the org (transparency inside and out); move as one, have fun (team first, individual second; laugh a lot); make it happen (actions over words). We take them seriously, but not too seriously.

Third, because of this strong culture, we’ve been lucky to find ourselves surrounded by a wonderful team who we believe make great long term partners to startup founders. One ran a billion dollar business unit at the largest SaaS company in the world. Another was a key part of the team that built a business that grew from 0-$100m in revenue in 12 months. Amongst us we have serial founders, executives and operators, and deep subject matter experts who understand startups because they’ve been there.

Fourth, we’ve partnered with mission-focused limited partners. Their success funds education initiatives, healthcare improvements, environmental restoration, and cultural investments to improve the world in areas outside of technology.

Fifth, all of these efforts and many more behind the scenes have one common purpose: to serve entrepreneurs. Those intrepid and bold people who brave risk, uncertainty and turbulence to change the world.

For that privilege to serve, I am grateful.

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