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2 minute read / Jun 16, 2020 /

SaaS Office Hours Go to Market Survey Edition & Which Metric Should Your SDR/BDR Team Use?

On June 24 at 10am Pacific, SaaS Office Hours will hosting be a virtual session. This time, we will be reviewing some of the insights from Redpoint’s 2020 Go To Market Survey.

Nick Giometti and I have been working to prepare the survey results over many weeks. Last week, we published highlights at Saastock. If you’d like to register to attend and submit questions, please fill out the registration here by June 19.

Each day until June 24, we will be writing in-depth posts on some of key topics. During the office hours session, we’ll answer questions and review additional analyses requested by the audience ahead of time.

To kick things off today, we’re going to talk about SDR and BDR goals. We surveyed about 500 sales teams to understand which is the most popular metric for XDR teams (either SDR, sales development rep, or BDR, business development rep). Also, we wanted to understand the impact on AE attainment. In other words, do AE teams perform better when SDR teams use one metric over another?


The data shows about 60% of XDR teams prefer meeting count to pipeline value. Each of these metrics has their trade-offs. Meeting count is tangible and knowable immediately, but no AE wants a calendar stuffed full of low ACV deals. They won’t hit quota. Pipeline value is better aligned with the AE, since they want to understand which meetings are the most valuable, but it’s often challenging for an XDR to estimate this accurately.

Does this slight preference for meeting count impact AE quota attainment?


The chart above reveals the answer. The chart shows AE quota attainment broken down by SDR goal metric. You’ll notice the distribution of the data is the same. Here’s how to read the chart. Let’s take the left side. For XDRs goaled on meeting count, 33% of AE teams achieve 80-95% of their quota. AEs supported XDR teams measured by Pipeline Value perform similarly.

In short, the top-level XDR metric does not correlate with ultimate AE performance. So, pick either metric and move onto the next strategic question.

Look out for more posts like this until June 24, and if you have questions or would like to learn more, please register and ask your questions.

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