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2 minute read / Jan 20, 2021 /

Cloud Data Lakes - The Keystone to the Decade of Data

On January 27-28, Dremio host their second Subsurface conference. Cloud Data Lakes are the future of large scale data analysis, and the more than 5000 registrants to the first conference substantiate this massive wave.

This time, the conference will build on the foundation from last year’s event.

Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, Global Vice President for AWS Storage will deliver one of the keynotes. Also, Tableau’s Chief Product Officer Fran├žois Ajenstat will discuss the Tableau’s role in the cloud data lake. Plus, leaders from Microsoft PowerBI, Apache Iceberg, Amundsen, Monte Carlo and many others will share their views on the advances they’re seeing in cloud data lakes and the software that’s being built around them.

In my predictions post for 2021, I said that the 2020s will be the decade of data. Cloud data lakes are a key technology enabling the innovation in analytics and machine learning.

On top of these lakes, data movement companies move data to the right consumers. Data engines query the data rapidly, inexpensively. Data modelling companies create single definitions of metrics for consistency across organizations. Data quality companies monitor pipelines and alert when anomalies appear. Data security companies keep data in the right hands.

This ecosystem is burgeoning and advancing rapidly. If you’re curious to learn more about cloud data lakes and engines, come to Subsurface.

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