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2 minute read / Sep 26, 2022 /

10 Predictions for Data at the Impact Summit

2020 is the decade of data. Look no further than the massive companies pushing the public & the private market forward: Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud. It’s quite possible that data products have created more market cap than any other subsegment of SaaS in the last five years.


On October 25th, I’ll share my 10 predictions for data in 2023 at The Impact Data Summit.

Cloud databases generated $39b in spend, about half of all database revenue. That’s a remarkable feat for products who might be just blowing out ten candles on a birthday cake.

Around & atop those databases, an ecosystem has developed that transmogrify data from raw ore to into a finished product consumed by analysts & operators or highly refined fuel injected into machine learning systems.

During my session, I’ll answer the question: where might we be in another ten years’ time?

Many of the instigators of this decade’s most salient wave in software will also be on the virtual stage:

Come for the practitioners, stay for the Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman & quant blog mastermind Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight. Register here for the Impact Summit.

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