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Office Hours


SUI Generis : Office Hours with Evan Cheng of Mysten Labs

April 9

Looking into the Future of BI With Colin Zima

March 5

The Secrets to Building Vibrant Communities in Web3 Open-Source

February 25

Building a $20b Behemoth : Office Hours with Steven Goldfeder of Offchain Labs

February 14


Data Product Teams : Best Practices for a Modern Data Team

December 18

Managing Data as Product : Office Hours with Philip Zelitchenko

November 29

Outbound Marketing Fury : Office Hours with Raj Sarkar

October 19

The PLG Trap : Lessons Learned from Oliver Jay, former CRO at Asana

October 12

Avoiding the PLG Trap : Office Hours with Oliver Jay

September 25


Office Hours with Fredrik Haga of Dune : What is the Future of Web3 post-FTX?

November 14

Five Pillars of PLG with Carilu Dietrich

October 19

Office Hours with Carilu Dietrich - Marketing for Hypergrowth Companies

October 10

How to Structure a Startup Sales Team for Optimal Land & Expand

August 15

Office Hours with Bill Binch: Structuring Sales Teams for Success

July 28

A Masterclass in Sales Development from Lars Nilsson at Snowflake

July 14

Office Hours with Lars Nilsson, VP of Global Sales Development at Snowflake

July 6

Defending a Startups Greatest Asset through Recession & Recovery

June 22

Office Hours with Lee Kirkpatrick, former Twilio CFO on Managing through Turbulence

June 14

Top 10 Insights from the 2022 Startup Sentiment Survey

June 6

Office Hours for 2022 Market Conditions Market Survey Results

May 31


How Stripe Scaled - Notes from Office Hours with Claire Hughes Johnson

December 1

Redpoint Office Hours with Claire Hughes Johnson, former COO at Stripe

October 7

Scaling and Measuring an Effective Developer Relations Organization

September 15

Per Seat or Per Use Pricing: A Framework for Evaluating the Right Strategy for Your Startup

August 29

The Optimal Pricing Strategy for Your Startup - Office Hours with Madhavan Ramanujam

August 9

The Journey From Fortune 100 Executive to Startup Entrepreneur

July 15

How to Cut a Path through the Jungle of Regulatory Compliance

April 19

The Importance of Building & Maintaining Great Developer Documentation

March 22

How Selling Has Changed Post-COVID, and How it Will Change Again Afterwards

March 14

The Four Types of Startup COOs

February 23

The Most Effective Tools and Techniques for Selling Today - Office Hours with Jim Benton

February 18

How to Be a Great COO: Lessons Learned Leading a Unicorn to Success

February 3

Internal Communication - Why it Matters More than Ever & How to Succeed

January 21


Top 10 Learnings from Startups to a $100M+ ARR General Manager, Linda Tong

December 10

Building a Product-Led Growth Machine: Office Hours with GC Lionetti

December 7

From Hyper Growth to Hyperscale: What I Learned Managing Small and Massive Teams

November 17

Notes from Office Hours with Kimbre Lancaster on How to Run Successful Virtual Events

September 29

Redpoint Office Hours with Medha Agarwal & Shopify’s Kaz Nejatian

September 24

Redpoint Office Hours with Kimbre Lancaster on Hosting Successful Virtual Events

September 1

Office Hours with Adam FitzGerald, Hashicorp, on Developer Evangelism

July 1

Top 10 Learnings from the Redpoint 2020 GTM Survey

June 25

SaaS Office Hours Go to Market Survey Edition & Which Metric Should Your SDR/BDR Team Use?

June 16

Notes from Office Hours with Hollie Wegman

June 12

Office Hours with Hollie Wegman

May 19

Notes from Office Hours with Lisa Lawson

March 9

Office Hours with Lisa Lawson

February 12


Notes from Office Hours with Nick Mehta

November 7

Office Hours with Anthony Kennada on Category Creation on Nov 14

November 4

Office Hours with Nick Mehta of Gainsight Oct 9

September 23

Notes from Office Hours with Guillaume Cabane

July 22

Office Hours with Guillaume Cabane on June 27

June 17

Office Hours with Travis Bryant

April 22


Benchmarking Exceptional Series A SaaS Companies

February 25

SaaS Office Hours in New York - A Q&A on the State of the SaaS Market

February 18


Startup Best Practices 21 - Your Startup's Recruiting Scorecard

December 3

SaaS Office Hours with Maia Josebachvilli on Strategic and Tactical Recruiting Metrics

November 23

4 Lessons For SaaS Startups From Optimizely's Early Days

November 19

3 Go-to-Market Insights from Kenny van Zant at SaaS Office Hours

November 5

Five Words of Wisdom from SaaS Office Hours with Bill Macaitis

October 22